Sebelumnya perlu kita pahami dulu pengertian dan generic structure dari teks Narrative. Kalau kalian belum paham, silahkan klik disini.

Baiklah kita ambil sebuah contoh teks Narrative:

It was a warm day in March. I was very excited. The day had finally come. I was in the rowing team for the Olympics. I got up very early and exercised as always. Then after breakfast I drove to Drummoyne. My team arrived and at last it was time to start.

Ready, set and the starting gun went off. We began in the third position and were slowly moving closer. There they were. We could see the second boat and then we did it.

We moved past. My arms were aching. My whole body was sore but we all rowed harder.

The first boat was just in front  I saw a dark shadow near the boat. I looked again. What was it? I was sure  it was the shape of a cigar. ‘Oh my  God’,  I thought, ‘I must be seeing things. A shark in Parramata River? Impossible!’

Just then I pulled my oar out of the water. ‘Oh no, why only half?’ I thought. Then I knew. I shouted to my team, ‘Shark! Shark!’ and suddenly we forgot the race.

We rowed faster than ever back to shore. We made it. Phew, we were safe!.

Paragraf 1–3 merupakan orientation, mengapa? Karena paragrap 1-3 mengenalkan kita (pembaca) pada tokoh cerita, waktu dan tempat kejadian.

Paragraf 4-5 berisi peristiwa inti yang ingin diceritakan. Oleh karena itu kedua paragraf in ikita sebut complication.

Barulah untuk paragraf terakhir kita sebut resolution karena paragraf ini menceritakan penyelesaian dari peristiwa inti pada paragraf sebelumnya