So many valuable articles on the net I found,  made me jealous why weren’t me made them. I’ m just a learner. So in the past, through my great slow dialup I kept copy those article to my harddisk using word processor or sometime pdf creator, then make them mobile files on my flashdisk. Unfortunately, I don’t have any notebook or even netbook in my hands.

It’s common for me to get stuck on reading them since I forgot my flashdisk and is imposisble to get remotely to my desktop. So I started to put them on my blog. Yeah this blog. I’m not a browser that keeps any url you want through its bookmarks, Paper and pen are not always available, goggling sometimes confusing rather than solving, so, blogging will be interesting choice.

That’s why, you might find the articles on this blog are good, or even extremely good. Don’t ask many question since these are not my own articles. of course there are a few article of my own. but still, I’m a learner not writer.